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Selected Topics in Data Science - Einzelansicht

Veranstaltungsart Seminar Kurztext
Veranstaltungsnummer INF-13570-20171 Rhythmus keine Übernahme
Semester SS 2017 Studienjahr
Erwartete Teilnehmer/-innen 7 Max. Teilnehmer/-innen 10
SWS 2 Sprache englisch
Credits 4
Hyperlink http://www.isg.uni-konstanz.de/teaching/
Belegungsfrist Informatik II    18.04.2017 - 22.05.2017    aktuell
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Mo. 11:45 bis 13:15 s.t. wöchentl. 24.04.2017 bis 29.07.2017  P - P 1012     1st Session on Apr. 24 in room D 247!   10

Zugeordnete Lehrpersonen
Zugeordnete Lehrpersonen Zuständigkeit
Gipp, Bela, Jun.-Prof. Dr. verantwortlich
Hamborg, Felix begleitend
Meuschke, Norman begleitend
Schubotz, Moritz begleitend
Donnay, Karsten, Prof. Dr. begleitend
StudIS-Prüfungen / Module
Prüfungsnummer Prüfungstext
INF-13570 Selected Topics in Data Science
Semester Termin Prüfer/-in Datum Beginn Dauer Raum Bemerkung Leistungsanmeldung Rücktritt bis StudIS-
SS 2017 01 Gipp, Bela , Juniorprof. Dr.
Donnay, Karsten , Prof. Dr.
18.04.2017 bis
22.05.2017 Für die StudIS-Prüfungsanmeldung freigeschaltet - Prüfungsanmeldung läuft derzeit
Nicht/noch nicht für die StudIS-Prüfungsanmeldung freigeschaltetNicht/noch nicht für die StudIS-Prüfungsanmeldung freigeschaltet
Für die StudIS-Prüfungsanmeldung freigeschaltet - Prüfungsanmeldung läuft noch nichtFür die StudIS-Prüfungsanmeldung freigeschaltet - Prüfungsanmeldung läuft noch nicht
Für die StudIS-Prüfungsanmeldung freigeschaltet - Prüfungsanmeldung läuft derzeitFür die StudIS-Prüfungsanmeldung freigeschaltet - Prüfungsanmeldung läuft derzeit
Anmeldezeitraum abgelaufen - Rücktritt noch möglichAnmeldezeitraum abgelaufen - Rücktritt noch möglich
StudIS-Prüfungsanmeldung beendetStudIS-Prüfungsanmeldung beendet
Zuordnung zu Einrichtungen
FB Informatik und Informationswissenschaft
LS Information Science

Information Science is an interdisciplinary research field primarily adressing the retrieval, analysis, manipulation, storage, usage, and dissemination of information.

The topic suggestions in this seminar are motivated by real world problems and recent research trends, such as detecting plagiarism in scientific documents, analyzing differences and frames in news coverage, exploring new applications of cryptocurrencies, and many more, which you can find in the description.


Introductory literature:

  • C. D. Manning, P. Raghavan and H. Schütze. An Introduction to Information Retrieval. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, England 2009. (free online edition: http://www-nlp.stanford.edu/IR-book/).
  • C. D. Manning and H. Schütze. Foundations of statistical natural language processing. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, England 1999.
  • S. Ceri, A. Bozzon, M. Brambilla, E. Della Valle, P. Fraternali and S. Quarteroni. Web Information Retrieval. Springer, 2013. ISBN 3642393136.

Topic-specific literature will be provided during the first session.


The seminar can serve as a starting point for a topically related bachelor's or master's project and thesis.

For current project and theses proposals visit: http://www.isg.uni-konstanz.de/students-corner/




For the theoretical research project:

  1. presentation (30 min)
  2. term paper (8-10 pages per person, ACM style)

For the practical research project:

  1. Developed application
  2. Presentation (30 min)
  3. Developer documentation (min 3 pages per person, ACM style)

Group work is possible for both project types.


Seminar participants will explore current research approaches in the Information Science field. Participants can choose to complete either a theoretical or a practical research project as part of the seminar.

For the theoretical research project, participants will pick a topic according to their own interests or from a pool of suggestions that will be provided. For their topic, the participants will give an overview of the state-of-the-art relevant to the topic in a presentation during the seminar (30 min) and a term paper (8 - 10 pages per person, ACM style) due at the end of the seminar. The theoretical research project is best suited to compile a state-of-the-art review in preparation of a subsequent practical BA/MA project and/or thesis in the same area.

For the practical research project, participants will implement a system that solves a real-world application problem. Participants can suggest a problem or choose from a number of suggestions that will be provided. Aside from the working application, completing the seminar requires a giving a presentation (30 min) on the project and a compiling a developer documentation for the application (min 3 pages ACM style per person).

Topic suggestions include, but are not limited to:

  • Information Retrieval
    • Web Crawling and Scraping
    • Indexing
    • Link Analysis
    • Mathematical Formulae
  • Digital Humanities
    • Corpora Parsing
    • Content Analysis
    • Text Mining
    • Machine Learning
  • Applications for Cryptocurrencies
    • Trusted Timestamping
    • Messaging
    • Cloud Storage
  • Recommender Systems for Digital Libraries
    • Content-based
    • Link-based
    • User-based
    • Hybrid
  • News Analysis
    • Semantic Analysis of News Articles
    • Dissemination of Information
    • Framing Analysis
    • Clustering Related News

Seminar participants will gain an overview of the state-of-the-art technologies for different Information Science problems. They will be able to describe the current research trends, research challenges, and the predominant approaches for tackling these research challenges.

For the theoretical research project, each participant will perform an in-depth literature review on current research approaches that address a particular research task. The participants will present their findings in an academic paper and a 30 minute long presentation during one of the seminar sessions. Through this process, which the lecturers supervise and guide, the participants will train their ability to:

  • find, organize, and systematically read relevant research papers;
  • analyze, compare, and contrast research approaches and findings; 
  • structure, write, and format an academic paper;
  • present their work using appropriate presentation techniques and presentation aids;
  • answer questions and discuss their work with peers.

For the practical research project, participants will pick a real-world application problem. The participants will design and implement an application that addresses the identified problem. By completing this task, participants will gain hands-on experience in application development.

By successfully completing the seminar, participants will achieve valuable preparation in terms of the knowledge and methodological skills required to successfully complete a bachelor’s or master’s project related to Information Science.


Total workload: 4 ECTS = 120 hours

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